The Replacements 

Times change, products change. If you wander up and down the aisles at Barnes and Noble, you'll find that most modern day philosophers encourage managers...

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Turfgrass Insecticides 

Controlling turfgrass insects is the focus of this, the second segment of Grounds Maintenance's Chemical Update series. We revise these Updates each year...

In Transition 

The transition period from perennial ryegrass to bermudagrass in the spring is a critical time in managing turfgrasses that are overseeded. A timely transition...

Winter Weeds 

It would be nice to think that after struggling with weeds all summer, the fall and winter would provide a well-deserved break from the concerns of weed...

Take That 

When considering the relationship between fertility and disease, nitrogen fertility typically comes to mind. For example, maintaining adequate nitrogen...

CHEMICAL UPDATE: Vertebrate Pest Controls 

Vertebrate pests rodents, birds and deer can be incredibly difficult pests for landscape managers. Not only are these pests a little more clever than...

Phasing out Pesticides 

In response to a growing concern of high cancer rates in Long Island communities, Suffolk County legislators passed a law in 1996 requiring all county...

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