Managing nuisance ants on golf courses 

Ants can be a real nuisance on golf courses when their nesting and mound-building occur in high profile areas. Ant mounds disrupt the smoothness and uniformity...

Giving turf the breath of life 

The growing environment of the turf on and around a green complex essentially is determined by sunlight penetration and air movement. These factors contribute mightily to the rate at which the putting green complex dries out....

Against the grain 

Grain can be defined simply as the direction in which the grass is growing, or laying, as the case may be. Controlling grain on your golf greens is an important step in ensuring that they putt true to their contours. ...

Troubleshooting irrigation controls 

Too often, golf course irrigation system problems are not identified until it's too late. Suddenly, you're faced with a large area of stressed or burnt-out...

Keeping wildlife on course 

Three great horned owl chicks peer down from the branches of a nearby oak. A spotted sandpiper totters along the shore of the new wetland. Fifteen species...

Sick of golf? 

Golfers today have grown accustomed to playing on quality turf and are willing to pay higher greens fees to play on greens. But are higher greens fees...

Is your course losing its shape? 

Golf courses are not static. Changes over time significantly impact design and play.Few golf courses today are the same as they were even 10 years ago...

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