Designing a Residential Irrigation System Plan 

The key to a successful residential irrigation system project is a good plan. Keep this in mind and your customer's irrigation system will meet both their expectations and your own....

HOW TO: Winterize Your Irrigation System 

It's time to winterize your irrigation system. And it's not one of those tasks you want to put off, because before you know it, it'll be too late. Winterizing...

Clogged French Drains 

A reader asks if there is a way to eliminate sand and mulch that has worked its way into his French drain....

Innovations in Irrigation 

Irrigation systems and products continue to get better. The earliest gear-driven rotors proved to be a big step toward progress, but they were a far cry from the reliable, sophisticated models available to us today. Irrigation system enhancements such as pressure regulation and surge protection are also much further along than the industry could have imagined several years ago when those ideas were introduced....

Winterizing Your Irrigation System 

If freezing temperatures are in the forecast, it's time to winterize your irrigation system. By removing water from the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads, contractors can protect systems from potentially serious damage in cold climates....

Irrigation sensors for the landscape 

I once asked a well-known author a question I thought would stop her dead in her tracks: "What is a writer?" To my surprise, she replied, "A writer is...

Foot Fault 

The ability to manage high-traffic turf while keeping in mind the implications of irrigation and drainage issues are key to successful overall turf management....

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