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When taking care of turf, you need to make sure you are giving it everything it needs: nutrients, water, disease and pest control, and air to battle soil compaction. Allowing turf to breathe will encourage more growth because you are making sure water and nutrients get to the roots. To maximize the benefits of your turf management, aeration is critical. And the process is easy, with the right tools. Here is a description of the newest aerators. If you need more information about the following aerators, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.


American Soil Technologies, Inc.'s patented M216 Liquid Injector features injection knives that inject water-saving polymer and nutrients into the root zone up to 3.5 inches. This activity also eliminates compaction and helps aerator the soil.
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The BEFCO core aerator is available in two versions, a Standard Duty with six spoons per flange and a Heavy Duty with 8 spoons per flange. Both versions come in 5- and 6-foot working widths and use ¾-inch hardened steel spoons. Greaseable bronze bushings protect the 1.25-inch rotor from premature wear.
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Broyhill introduces the AccuAire core aerator, which includes the FlexWing design that follows the contour of the ground and provides even penetration. The solid-steel frame and extra-wide racks add weight to maximized core depth in various types of soils. Special water tanks are optional for additional weight on compact turf. Equipped to use slicer blades or core spoons, the AccuAire is available in two lengths: 69 or 93 inches.
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DryJect is a patented technology that injects large volumes (¾ to 2 tons per average green) of dry material into the soil profile and leaves the surface immediately usable and playable. The selection of flowable dry amendments includes sand, peat, diatomaceous earth, calcine clay, zeolites, top dressing, seed, wetting agents, insecticides and biological products. DryJect acts as an aerator and an injection machine. It aerates three dimensionally: side to side, front to back and connects hole to hole.
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Earth & Turf Products introduces the Linear Aerator, which is designed for turf on athletic fields, golf courses and polo grounds. The Linear Aerator conditions a 58-inch swath of turf by cutting grooves in the turf 3 inches deep, approximately 0.5 inch wide and 3.5 inches apart. Reverse-spiral-mounted teeth bring both soil and topdressing material up and over the rotor. The blended materials are then brushed back into the grooves by steel fingers on a filler bar, which reciprocates side to side.
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First Products introduces the Aera-Vator. It uses patented solid vibrating tines to loosen and break up compacted soil. The patented swing hitch allows operators to turn while using the equipment without tearing or damaging the established turf.
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Gandy Company offers four models of core aerators, which also have knife options plus three spike aerators to meet the specific needs of grounds maintenance professionals. The 4-feet shrouded aerator has independent aerating arms with ¾-inch coring spoons or slicing knives to follow the terrain. Models are offered in three-part hitch or towing packages, the tow model features two manual lift arms for easy transport.
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The Grasshopper Company introduces the AERA-vator, which promotes healthier turf and improves drainage in low spots. The oscillating, forged-steel tines penetrate and fracture soil, encouraging root development. The AERA-vator relieves compaction and aerates turf without prior irrigation and leaves no cores to clean up. It is PTO-driven and there are 40- and 60-inch models available. The machine is compatible with Grasshopper Model 618, and all 700 and 900 series True ZeroTurn FrontMount power units.
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The TA48 aerator from Husqvarna offers precision performance in addition to rugged durability. The large aerator requires a towing tractor of 18-hp or greater. Two independent tine rotors with 40 interchangeable, closed-spoon ½-inch tines provide precise control of coring depths up to 3 inches with an aerating width of 48 inches. The design of the TA48 results in maneuverability around corners and tight areas while optional weight containers ensure optimal soil penetration.
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John Deere introduces the Aercore 800 Aerator, which features a belt-drive coring system and an electro-hydraulic lift/lower system to reduce the risk of hydraulic leaks on playing surfaces. The Flexi-Link coring system increases productivity without sacrificing hole quality, providing quiet operation and low maintenance. With a 31.5-inch coring width, the 800 features a four-cycle overhead valve Kohler Command 25-hp engine with electric solenoid start and a dual element air filter. The mechanical transmission provides four aerating speeds, as well as a separate transport speed.
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Land Pride introduces the CA25 Series of Core Aerators that help reduce compaction in heavy soil conditions. Available in 4-, 5- and 6-inch units, these aerators feature case-hardened ¾-inch spoons to penetrate the ground to a depth of up to 4.5 inches, depending on soil conditions and additional weight needed. Each gang is mounted independently, minimizing torque on spoons during slight turns.
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The JRCO Hooker Soft Plug Aerator offers zero-turn maneuverability. The unique tine rotors utilize the forward force of the mower to make holes up to 3 inches deep. The Hooker pulls loose plugs of soil, eliminating hard cores and soil compaction. The Hooker allows you to aerate 1.5 acres per hour at 5 mph.
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LESCO's new split-drive aerator is built around an advanced, split-drum design that allows users to turn corners, maneuver around trees and shrubs and aerate continuously without raising the tines out of the ground. This model covers a 26-inch-wide swath and it is driven by a mechanically positive operation, which means that the tines' rotation moves the aerator. This minimizes the labor required for the operator.
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Redexim Charterhouse introduces the 7110, 7113 and 7120 Verti-Drain deep-tine aerators. The 7110 has a working width of 40 inches and can aerate up to 6 inches deep, offering increased productivity with fitted to a 14- or 15-hp tractor. The 7113 offers a working width of 54 inches and can aerate up to 6 inches deep as well. The 7120 has a working width of 80 inches and can be used with 45- to 50-hp tractors. All models are equipped with maintenance free, self-lubricated sealed bearings on all pivot points, three-speed gearbox and patented parallelogram action.
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The Ryan Greensaire 24 aerator has an 8-hp Briggs & Stratton Intek Pro engine and a low tone muffler to reduce noise while providing power. The 24-inch self-propelled aerator comes with four tine sizes, which allow for proper core aeration under varying soil conditions. For ease of operation and safety, the Greensaire comes equipped with operator presence control, and automatic parking brake and centralized controls.
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The SISIS Aer-Aid System enables turf professionals to give turf a blast of air every time they aerify. The cam trigger system ensures that the air is always expelled at the bottom of the tine penetration. The air injection tines alternate with conventional solid tines and both are ⅓ inches in diameter and carbide tipped. Working at 6-inch spacing, air is introduced at a rate of 3 cubic feet per minute.
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The PL850 Pro HD Plugr from SourceOne will reduce operator fatigue on uphill grades, loose and sandy soils and highly cushioned turfgrasses such as St. Augustine and Zoysia. This hydrostatic turf aerator has a powerful, single component, hydrostatic drive unit for self-propelled operator ease. Adjustable operating speed allows aeration at a pace that is suitable for the terrain, landscape design, turf condition and operator comfort. With the tines disengaged, the aerator can be operated in either forward or reverse for easier transport and loading.
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Turfco Direct introduces the TurnAer Chariot ride-on aerator system for its compact TurnAer 4 aerator, which has all-purpose versatility required by landscape contractors and makes all-day aeration a practical reality for virtually any worker. The TurnAer Chariot is built to withstand the commercial-duty use with a heavy-duty, low-profile steel frame. Wide-set pneumatic tires provide solid stability and a smooth ride, and the entire TurnAer Chariot quickly disconnects from the TurnAer 4 to offer enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces.
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