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Whether you are applying herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or fertilizer/pesticide combinations, your chemical spraying equipment must stand up to the pressure of your job applications. New designs offer increased tank capacity and spraying pressure, as well as operator comfort and application control. If you need more information, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.


C&S Turf Care Equipment introduces a complete line of skid-mount sprayers to fit a wide range of needs. From small, economical 12-volt powered pumps to larger gas engine powered pumps, the sprayers are built to provide years of service for landscape professionals. The TS3002G30 sprayer features two 150 gallon compartments in one fiberglass tank; two 9.5 gpm pumps, each powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine; two electric rewind hose reels, each with 400 feet of ½-inch 600 psi spray hose.
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Demco Manufacturing introduces the 55-gallon sprayer with a 5-inch fillwell and a 14-gauge formed steel trailer. The electric continuous-duty motor delivers 1.4 gpm maximum and draws 4.7 amps at 30 psi (35 psi at maximum spraying pressure). The sprayer includes a handgun with a 15-foot spray hose, an 80-inch spray boom with two nozzles, a 12-foot spray boom with four nozzles and spring-loaded boom breakaway or 18-foot boom with six nozzles.
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The Easy Lawn E145 Multi-Purpose Sprayer is designed for lawn care, herbicide application, spraying ornamentals and spraying trees up to 50 inches in height. The unit is suited for use by lawn care applicators, landscapers or nursery workers who require the ability to spray liquids and wettable powders at low or high pressures. The compact design and light weight of the E145 enable the operator to slide the unit into or out of a standard pickup or van. Features include corrosion-resistant diaphragm pump, polyethylene tank with gallonage indicator, 9-hp Honda engine, greaseable ball bearing reel swivel and high-volume jet agitator that mixes liquids and keeps wettable powders in suspension.
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Echo's SHR-210 Gas-Powered Backpack Sprayer covers more ground with commercial-duty power and lasting performance in an easy-to-carry sprayer unit. The gas-powered spray capabilities and convenient features of the SHR-210 allow landscape professionals to apply chemicals over large areas of turf and landscape. The sprayer is equipped with a commercial-grade, two-stroke 21.2 cc engine that provides performance. The 17.6 fl. oz. Fuel tank allows for extended run times between fuel refills, while the diaphragm carburetor maintains the proper mixture of air and fuel for maximum engine performance. The SHR-210 covers ground quickly, discharging chemicals at a powerful rate of 1.9 gallons per minute in a controlled, precise stream, with a pressure rating of up to 145 psi.
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GNC Industries introduces the 150/150 Poly Split Tank Sprayer, which is powered by a 5.5-hp Honda engine. The two-gallon interlocking poly tanks have a 43-inch-wide footprint and are designed for multi-chemical applications. The unit is 57 inches wide, 42 inches long and 28 inches high. The P10 3-piston pump includes a pressure regulator, pulsation dampener, a pressure dump valve and is rated at 8 gpm and 600 psi. The sprayer also features stainless steel mounting platforms for hose reel and pump unit.
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Great Day Inc. introduces the Lawn-Pro AG-1500 Sprayer, which quickly adjusts to deliver a 5-, 10- or 15-foot uniform spray swath by removing the quick-clip pin and changing the height of the nozzle. Also, with a quick turn of the in-line cut-off valve, the handwand is ready for use and delivers a 25-foot online spray. The AG-1500 is designed for liquid fertilizing, consistent weed control, fire ant and insect control, lawn winterizing, fruit tree care and exterior house maintenance. The unit mounts to the rear of a mower and can be attached or removed in seconds.
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The Gregson-Clark Eco-505 Injection System allows the lawn care applicator to spot-spray pesticides on demand while making a blanket application of fertilizer. With the ability to apply pesticides only where needed, operators can achieve a savings of 50 percent or more. The system includes a self-contained tank and pumping unit, dual-inlet hose reel, coaxial hose and a dual-trigger gun.
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Hahn Application Products introduces the Spray Delivery System, which is a boom system for turf sprayers. The spray nozzles are enclosed in a framework to protect from breakage if an obstacle is struck. A double shock-absorbing rubber isolation system keeps the extension structures operating smoothly in rough terrain. For environmental safety, an enclosure can be attached to the system in minutes to convert it to an enclosed boom system for windy conditions. Extension arms breakaway with an adjustable air shock for smooth action if an obstacle is struck. Extension arms fold into a crossed transport position from the operator's seat.
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The 93594, 98592 and 98593 Regulator Sprayers from H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Co. include CFValve technology to maintain even pressure and constant flow rates. On compression sprayers, the valve is set at 14.5 psi and on the Bak-Pak sprayer, it is set at 21 psi. The nozzle pressure stays constant until the pressure in the tank falls below the set amount, then they spray shuts off. With a Regulator sprayer there is less spray drifting, which means lower chemical usage, resulting in savings of up to 24 percent.
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The JRCO Zero-Turn Sprayer quickly attaches to mowers with clevis pins. A compact, rigid frame with pneumatic swivel wheels and two-point hitch allow zero-turn maneuverability and prevents jackknifing with backing up. A three-section breakaway boom folds to 5-, 8- or 11-foot widths with individual zone control valves. A spray gun with a 10-foot hose is ideal for spot or shrub spraying. The 30-gallon sprayer uses a high-capacity Udor diaphragm pump driven by a Briggs & Stratton 3.5-hp Industrial Plus engine to provide power for all-day spraying.
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The SHURflo electric backpack sprayer features an ergonomically designed 4-gallon polyethylene tank with full padding on the back and shoulder straps for comfort and less fatigue. Advanced microprocessor pump control allows users to select one of four pump speeds in conjunction with an adjustable cone nozzle to deliver a delicate mist. Long-life battery will spray up to 120 gallons on a single charge, and can be charged on the unit or removed for remote charging. The chemical-resistant pump delivers maximum pressure of 40 psi at 1.0 gpm. The sprayer also includes a braided PVC delivery hose and polypropylene wand with aluminum lance and adjustable brass nozzle.
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Solo Inc.'s 425 Deluxe Backpack Sprayer features a high-density polyethylene tank with UV inhibitors, which provides durability and ultra-violet protection. The sprayer comes equipped with a pressure control regulator with four positions and a monitoring gauge to better control the volume of spray, a professional adjustable nozzle for precise durability, adjustable straps and a fold away handle for convenient storage. The 425 DLX is designed for use on larger jobs. Lightweight design and low-effort piston pump system ensure consistent pressure, effective patterns, high efficiency and reduced fatigue.
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Wylie Manufacturing introduces the Turf Wyng Sprayer for use on areas such as athletic fields, turf farms, golf courses, commercial landscaping and campuses. The Turf Wyng is designed with the commercial applicator in mind with automatic controllers, swivel hose reel mounts and a hydraulic boom. It is available in either a trailer or skid mount model. The trailer features a 100-, 200- or 300-gallon tank, turf tires, lights and clevis hitch. The 50-gallon skid model mounts in the bed of many utility vehicles, but has all of the features of the trailer mounted unit. The 21-foot boom can be fitted with either hydraulic or electric fold cylinders and is available with single or triple diaphragm nozzle bodies on a variety of nozzle spacings.
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