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When you are striving for perfection on a job — the perfect cut, a well-manicured lawn — you put your faith and trust in the hands of your crew. The reputation of your business depends upon how well you, your crew and your equipment performs, and your work clearly speaks for itself. The following walk-behind wheeled edgers will help you achieve that desired look and will keep your clients coming back. If you need more information about the following topdressing equipment, use the circle numbers provided at the end of each product description.


Echo's open-face design Edger Shield reduces the clogging and bogging associated with other shield designs. With the back portion of the shield cut away, the edger doesn't bog down in tough grasses, such as St. Augustine and bermuda. The open design allows debris to fall away, eliminating the clogging that comes with closed-face shields. The new shield is only available on the Echo PE-230/231, PE-260/261, PE-311 and on the edger attachment for the Pro Attachment Series.
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Honda introduces the HHE31CA stick edger for commercial and residential applications. The HHE31CA is powered by Honda's GX31 mini four-stroke engine, which produces 1.5 hp. The four-stroke engine design, in addition to its environmentally advanced characteristics, is quieter, virtually smokeless, more fuel-efficient and produces considerably less vibration than most two-stroke engines. The edger features a flex shaft rather than a straight steel shaft and incorporates an 8-inch blade. Honda includes a standard kit containing harnesses and safety glasses with all of its trimmers and edgers.
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Swisher introduces the 22-inch Trim-Max, which is an edger, trimmer and mower in one machine. The Trim-Max comes equipped with a 6.5-hp Briggs & Stratton Quantum engine and a maintenance-free trimmer head. It has a 22-inch cut radius, a 0.155-diameter cutting line and the trimmer head can rotate 90 degrees to edge sidewalks and driveways.
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John Deere introduces the XT140SSELE professional-grade stick edger, which allows operators to maneuver neatly around beds and gives grassy areas next to walks, curbs and drives that just-manicured look. Powered by a 25.6cc, low-emission M-Series engine, the XT140SSELE is efficient, quiet and durable. The large guide wheel makes for fast and easy edging, and its straight 59-inch shaft provides twice the torque of the traditional curved-shaft edger. The extra power helps the 8-inch blade hack through tough turf, while the adjustable depth control lets operators cut as deep as 2.25 inches.
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The Shindaiwa LE261 Lawn Edger is powered by a 24.1cc displacement, 1.3-hp engine. The light, well-balanced edger has impressive torque for its size. The LE261 edger has the power to trim along sidewalks and straighten edges around flowerbeds. The lawn edger comes equipped with an adjustable front handle, an adjustable guide wheel and a low-emission catalytic muffler.
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The Husqvarna LE389 walk-behind edger is powered by a 3.8-hp Tecumseh engine and features a 9-inch triple-cutting blade. Compact and lightweight, its specially designed curb-hop wheels make it easy to maneuver over obstacles and is user-friendly. Offering a cutting depth of 4 inches, Husqvarna's wheeled edger includes an easy-to-use multi-position edging adjustment lever.
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Little Wonder Pro Edgers are designed for busy landscaping and grounds maintenance professionals who need to make edging jobs more time- and cost-efficient. Little Wonder power edgers are engineered with steel frames, cast iron cutter head housing, 10-inch reversible blades and choice of engines that induce a cutting speed of 90 feet per minute. The units are user-friendly with fingertip controls and a ratchet-arm height adjustment system for fatigue-free operation and control. Little Wonder offers three professional edger engine models to choose from: 4-hp Pro Honda (Model #6232), 3.5-hp Pro Briggs (#6032) and a 3.5 Pro Briggs IC (#6132). All Pro Edgers feature dual-drive belts, a 1 9/16-inch cast iron locked cutter head and steel hubbed wheels.
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The RedMax HEZ2500S straight-shaft edger is ergonomically engineered for the taller operator. The solid shaft results in longer durability and improved throttle response. The edger is powered by a 25.4cc Strato-Charged pure two-cycle engine, which meets clean air standards by introducing fresh air into the engine between the exhaust gases and the fresh charge of air/fuel mix. The HEZ2500S edger has an aluminum die-cast shield with patented anti-clog system; dual-purpose, extra-large steel protector that's designed to protect the shield and gear box; and a patented, synchronized flap to keep the heavy-duty, smooth operating wheel (with bearing) at the correct height and position.
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Featuring a Honda 4-hp engine, a heavy-duty arm and large sealed bearings, Turfco's Edge-R-Rite II Bed Edger provides operators with increased durability and easier maintenance. Offering an oscillating blade cutting action and debris management seen on the original Edge-R-Rite model, the Edge-R-Rite II offers numerous blade options for maximum versatility.
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STIHL introduces the FC 100, which is powered by a 31.4cc STIHL 4-Mix engine. The curved-shaft edger also features a balanced design, offering professionals increased control and comfort for creating precision cuts. Because the FC 100 uses the patented 4-Mix lubrication technology that requires a 50:1 fuel mix ratio, there's no separate oil supply to maintain. The edger's adjustable-depth wheel allows operators to vary the depth of cut for a wide range of applications, while its heavy-duty skid plate protects the gearbox from wear.
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Tanaka introduces the TLE-600 shaft/gear driven walk-behind edger, which features an optimized 50cc, 2.5-hp Tanaka two-stroke engine. The main features include a 10.5-mm, solid steel drive shaft; heavy-duty, two-stage air filtration system; hand lever activated height-adjustment system; large, rounded front wheel; and optional drop wheel/curb riding kit. The TLE-600 complies with EPA emissions standards, but will not be available in California.
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