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The Snow Wolf Alpha Series had a sectional blade, with a 10-foot main blade and optional 1-foot sections to extend the blade to 12 feet. The blade has a dual pivot A-frame, twice the strength of the industry standard single pivot. Built-in oscillation allows the blade to follow contours for the cleanest job possible. The Alpha Series also has a trip edge to protect machine and operator from obstacles hidden under snow. Snow Wolf has made this trip edge in two sections, so the entire blade doesn't trip. Full down-pressure can be applied. This blade is designed to take the abuse of bigger equipment, featuring continuous welded construction and weights of 175 pounds per foot.
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Plow control

A new hand-held Fish-Stik control and a bracket-mounted joystick option are now available for the FISHER EZ-V adjustable V-Plow. One key feature for the new control is that each function has its own button. Also, there is no need to use multiple buttons for straight-blade mode. The buttons are back-lit for night use.
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Meyer Products Inc. offers both polyethylene and steel snowplows; however, they recommend the Meyer Max polyethylene snowplow for those serious about plowing because it's more slippery, it's stronger and it won't rust. The slippery surface allows snow to roll off the plow instead of being pushed or caked on the front of the blade, saving wear and tear on your truck and money on gas. Polyethylene also resists punctures and dents.
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Plow wings

Plow wings are now available for the 7.5- 8-, 8.5- and 9-foot ProPlus line of snowplows from WESTERN. The options wings add up to 30 percent more carrying capacity and reduce trail-off. There is no installation required. A single pin results in quick attach and detach.
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Scoop plow

Hiniker Company introduced its split trip-edge Scoop Plow. The unique concave shape of the Scoop Plow captures snow, providing greater capacity, less spillage and faster, more efficient plowing. The Scoop Plow's 20-degree fixed-angle outer ends help the plow capture snow, making it ideal for clearing lots and parking areas. The plow also angles left and right to allow for conventional plowing applications. Available in 8- and 9-foot lengths, the Hiniker Scoop Plow features a high-impact polyethylene moldboard that creates a low-friction, corrosion-free plowing surface. A horizontally trussed moldboard frame supports the poly moldboard. The moldboard frame is strengthened by twelve laser-cut ribs.
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