Exmark Manufacturing introduces the Navigator, an out-front deck mower with a dedicated grass collection system. Based on a new mowing platform developed for use with Exmark's new rear-discharge, 4 ¾-inch deep cutting decks that offer trimming capabilities on both sides of the deck, the Navigator makes quick work of highly landscaped properties. Available in 42- or 48-inch cutting widths, these mowers feature a large-diameter blower fan that works in conjunction with Exmark's unique baffle design to maximize vacuuming performance and cutting efficiency for a distinctive quality of cut. The integrated collection system deposits clippings into a large 9 ½ bushel collection hopper through an innovative baffled discharge diffuser design that effectively disperses clippings, allowing fully hopper capacity utilization. A standard fill sensor audibly alerts the operator when the hopper is completely full.
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Bayer Environmental Science introduces Bayleton WP fungicide in a mini drum container, which contains fifty 11-ounce PVA's, will cover 25 acres of turf at the low labeled rate of application. Bayleton is registered to control a broad spectrum of turf diseases, including dollar spot, summer patch and take-all patch. The product moves systemically in the plant, providing longer residual than the older contact materials, such as chlorothalonil.
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The Rodenator Pro from Meyer Industries blasts targeted pest and destroys their tunnels, eliminating the need for traditional pest control methods such as poisons or labor-intensive trapping. The Rodenator Pro injects a calibrated mix of propane and oxygen into the targeted rodent's burrow. Since propane is heavier than air, the gaseous mix sinks to the lowest parts of the burrow where the nest usually is. When the operator electronically activates this mixture of blended gases from the end of the application wand, the oxygen mixture rapidly expands at 5,000 feet per second, creating a high-pressure shockwave that kills the rodent and collapses the tunnel systems of many burrowing species.
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Ingersoll-Rand offers a series of backhoe loaders featuring upgrades to its existing backhoe loader line. The BL-275 side-shift, the BL-370 center-mount and the BL-570 center mount B-Series of backhoe loaders are ideal for utility installation, landscaping and rental applications, as well as general construction and repair work. For increased productivity, the B-Series backhoe loaders are equipped with the standard Bob-Tach attachment mounting system and standard auxiliary hydraulics with two-way flow for both the loader and the backhoe. This hydraulic system means more versatility for end-users, offering operators the ability to run a variety of backhoe attachments including breakers, augers and compactors.
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