Cub Cadet Commercial introduces the Z-Wing 48 zero-turn riding lawnmower, which allows the operator to effortlessly engage a switch, triggering the electrical mechanical-lift that folds up the sides of the deck to a 90-degree angle and allows the rider to drive through a 36-inch opening. With the deck engaged, the unit can cut a 48-inch path, but with the flip of a switch, the Z-Wing 48 Deck automatically transforms into “Wings Up” mode and reduces the width of the mower to 35.5 inches.
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HydroPoint Data Systems, Inc. introduces WeatherTRAK ET plus, a landscape irrigation solution that combines the automated Scheduling Engine with ET Everywhere location-specific weather data. The result is a scientifically calculated irrigation schedule customized to the landscape's needs that adjusts automatically as the local weather changes. WeatherTRAK ET plus includes station-specific programs, which are automatically generated for the unique combination of plant, soil, slope and microclimate. Programs include water days, watering duration and multiple soak and run cycles. The irrigation management system also includes a simple interface and large LCD display for easy setup. It also eliminates frequent trips to the controller to adjust watering schedules as weather changes.
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John Deere announces T-Series Gator utility vehicles — the Gator TS, Gator TX and Gator TH 6×4. All three models offer improved braking capabilities, increased payload and enhanced operator comfort. The Gator TS features a 10-hp Kawasaki FE290 engine and the transmission is geared to offer more low-end torque for increased drawbar pull. The 40-inch-long cargo box has a 500-pound capacity and the total payload/towing capacity is 900 pounds. The Gator TX is equipped with a 13-hp Kawasaki FJ400 engine, all-wheel suspension and all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. The all-wheel suspension and a 3-inch longer wheelbase enhance ride quality. The Gator TX has a 44-inch-long cargo box with 600-pound capacity and an overall 1,000-pound payload/towing capacity. The Gator TH 6×4 is powered by a 19-hp Kawasaki FH601 engine and the transmission is geared for increased power and low-end torque, increasing drawbar-pull by at least 25 percent. The Gator TH 6×4 comes equipped with a 44-inch-long cargo box with a 25-inch load height. Box capacity is 1,000 pounds and total payload/towing capacity is 1,400 pounds.
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Syngenta Professional Products has developed a liquid formulation of its strobilurin fungicide — Heritage — for the turf market. Heritage TL (Turf Liquid) offers control of the same turf diseases as the original water dispersible granular formulation of Heritage, but with enhanced efficacy and application flexibility. Heritage is a systemic strobilurin available to the turf and ornamental market, resulting in the longest application interval of all strobilurin fungicides. It offers up to 28 days of preventive control of more than 33 disease organisms on turfgrass and ornamental plants. Heritage TL is available in the 10-gallon LinkPak.
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Kubota Tractor Corp. introduces the GR Series garden tractor with Glide Steer, an innovative technology that is a combination of a four-wheel drive tractor and the maneuverability similar to a zero-turn mower. The GR series is equipped standard with cruise control, hydrostatic power steering, and Kubota's hydrostatic transmission (HST), which operates on a shaft drive with no belts providing durability. The oversized suspension seat makes for a comfortable ride along with the full-flat operator's platform providing plenty of legroom. The series includes two models, the GR2000 and the GR2100. The GR2000 is equipped with a 20-hp, 2-cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine with a 48-inch mower deck, while the GR2100 includes a 21-hp, 3-cylinder, high-performance Kubota diesel engine with a 54-inch mower deck.
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The Caterpillar B-Series Skid Steer Loader line features four models with vertical lift linkage. The 232B, 242B, 252B and 262B offer increased capacity and significantly more power than the previous models. The 252B has 2,500 pounds of capacity, 11 percent more capacity, and 70 hp, an increase of 18.5 percent. Both the 252B and 262B feature the Gat 3044C DIT engine, which has 3.3 liters displacement and is direct injected and turbocharged for responsive and fuel-efficient operation. The 242B is available with optional high flow hydraulics for powerful operation of work tools driven by the auxiliary hydraulic circuit. All four B-series loaders include anti-stall system and pilot hydraulic joystick controls, as well as an ergonomically designed arm bar that is rounded and sculpted to provide operator comfort.
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Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power introduces its line of Vanguard V-Twin Big Block Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled commercial engines in the 25- to 35-hp range. These engines provide economical power, increased horsepower-to-weight ratio and the same mounting footprint for air- and liquid-cooled applications. The air-cooled engines feature an advanced debris management system that is incorporated into the engine's air-cooling system and allows the engine to run cooler and cleaner, while enhancing durability and quieter performance. The liquid-cooled engines have high-capacity liquid cooling that allows engines to run cooler, smoother and longer. Steel-backed aluminum bearings contribute to increased load capacity and reduced engine noise, while an innovative intake and exhaust system and large-volume muffler are tuned to provide a quieter running engine.
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Bobcat Company introduces the MT55 mini track loader, which features more horsepower and a wider track for lower ground pressure and enables landscapers to get their jobs done faster and with less turf disturbance. The MT55 is 41.5 inches wide, but its wider tracks lower the machine's ground pressure to 4.1 psi. The loader also features a turf-friendly lug track that distributes the operating weight of the 2,679-pound loader over a larger area. The rubber-track undercarriage also provides improved traction and better floatation, even in soft, wet or muddy conditions with minimal ground disturbance. The mini track loader has a 550-pound rated operating capacity and its compact size enables it to go where other equipment cannot.
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Grasshopper introduces the ProLawn Shielded Sprayer for Grasshopper True ZeroTurn Mowers. The 52- and 132-inch aerodynamically designed shielded sprayers deliver an even spray. The sprayer applies a constant accurate balance of small droplets that stick to vegetation achieving greater coverage with fewer chemicals. Independent floating chambers follow the ground contours for precise application. The spray attachment provides the operator with quick and easy mounting, removal and storage. The ProLawn Shielded Sprayer is compatible with Grasshopper's full line of True ZeroTurn, FrontMount and MidMount mowers.
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Husqvarna announces the HUV 4×4 utility vehicle series, which incorporate automatic four-wheel drive, high/low gearing and a differential lock system, making vehicles easy to use and dependable for transportation needs. The HUV exclusive SureFoot 4×4 system automatically sends power to the tires with the most traction as the driving conditions demand. The HUV4220, HUV4420 and HUV4420-D are designed for landscapers, groundskeepers or any professionals who need to haul outdoor power equipment and supplies. Each model is equipped with a 15.1 cubic foot steel bed with a load capacity to transport up to 1,050 pounds. The HUV's can reach speeds up to 25 mph and easily maneuver over all types of terrain.
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Bayer Environmental Science announces the approved registration of Allectus G insecticide. Combining the power of two insecticides, Allectus provides lawn care professionals, golf course superintendents (as Allectus GC) and sports turf managers with control of turf pests both above and below the surface. Allectus provides a single product solution for the following pests: Billbug larvae, annual bluegrass weevil larvae, mole crickets, chinch bugs, cutworms, sod webworms, fire ants and white grubs, including the larvae of Japanese beetle, black turfgrass ataenius, Northern masked chafer, Southern masked chafer, European chafer, oriental beetle, Asiatic garden beetle and green June beetle, as well as more than 25 additional surface feeding insects. Application of the granular form ranges from 50 to 125 pounds per acre, depending on the insects desired to control. One application provides eight to 12 weeks of residual control.
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Turfco Direct introduces the TurnAer 20 aerator that features Diff-drive with dual braking action, which allows aerator turning without stopping, with the tines in the ground. The TurnAer 20 handles much like a trim mower, allowing unsurpassed mobility when aerating around landscaping features. Because less lifting is involved, operators can productively aerate for longer periods of time. The aerator features a 4-hp Honda engine, 2.75-inch coring depth, 20-inch aeration width, weighting transport drums and a folding, multi-height handle.
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