Earth & Turf Products announces the Model 24D TruFlow, a push-type topdresser for dry, flowable materials with 3 cubic feet capacity. The topdresser features an 8-inch-diameter dispersal drum, a 24-inch-wide spreading pattern and an adjustable front gate opening. The 24D TruFlow also consists of a four-wheel design, 4.80/4.00-8 drive tires and 4.00-6 transport tires.
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Kawasaki introduces the MULE 610 4×4 off-road utility vehicle featuring a single-cylinder engine that is matched to an improved continuously variable transmission, dual-mode differential, independent front suspension, swing-frame fear suspension and sealed hydraulic brakes. By lengthening the chassis nearly 4 inches, designers were able to create a more spacious cab. The curved body panels, redesigned hood and grille, and large-diameter steel tube frame give them a clean, modern look. Luxury features include two large cup holders, a passenger-side glove box, passenger-side grab handle and storage space located beneath the hood. The MULE 610 4×4 can carry 400 pounds in its tilting cargo bed and can also tow up to 1,100 pounds with an optional towing hitch.
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Toro introduces the Reelmaster Fairway Groomer attachment stands up turf and reduces grain for a cleaner, more uniform cut. The enhanced quality of cut improves after-cut appearance and provides a truer, more consistent playing surface. The fairway groomer also knocks off morning dew to minimize grass clumping and cuts some of the stolons and runners, enabling rerooting and regenerative grass growth. When set at the full depth of 3/16-inch below the height of cut, it can also help control thatch.
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Gehl Company announces the 503Z, 603, 753Z and 803 excavator models. They include zero-tail-swing and short-tail-swing models in 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-metric ton classes. The zero-tail-swing allows the superstructure to rotate entirely within the dimensions of the tracks without any overhang. This enables the machine to operate close to walls without risk of contact, and operate on congested sites without fear of obstructing traffic. All four excavators are equipped with Yanmar TNV Series Tier II diesel engines, which range from 47 to 69 gross hp. The side-mounted engine and tilting cab enhance service access and operator space. The cab is ergonomically built with an adjustable seat headrest and armrests, to accommodate the operator with the optimum height and position.
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Tanaka introduces the TBL-7600 large displacement blower. The unit comes standard with a large, contoured assist handle and a three-position throttle lever on the frame. It weighs 20.6 pounds, contains heavy-duty padded shoulder straps, extra-thick back padding, a four-point anti-vibration system and a fiberglass enhanced polypropylene fan housing that adds strength without adding weight. The 4.2-hp engine delivers 615 cfm and 215 mph air velocity, reduces engine noise with its heavy-duty air filter and has a primer for fast and reliable starting.
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Hunter Industries introduces the ICZ, PCZ and PACZ drip control zone kits that address the needs of residential and commercial landscape sites that are increasing the use of drip irrigation. The all-in-one kits combine the low flow/low pressure requirements of drip with the higher pressures commonly present at residential and commercial job sites. The ICZ delivers durability and the ability to constantly withstand pressures up to 220 psi. The main element of the PCZ kit is the PGV Jar-Top valve, featuring high-grade material construction including a bonnet made of glass-reinforced nylon designed to handle tough conditions. For sites that require atmospheric backflow prevention, the PCZ is also available in a version (PACZ) that features an anti-siphon valve.
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St. Gabriel Laboratories introduces Moss Killer, which is made from plant oils, including clove and other environmentally-friendly ingredients, and contains no noxious aromas or fumes. Moss Killer is available in a 24-ounce or one-gallon ready-to-use size, and a one-gallon concentrate, which will make three gallons of ready-to-use. The product results in the rapid decay of moss and fungal growth within one day of application. Controlling moss can add months or years of service to decks, fences and steps, and keep walkways and steps from becoming slippery and dangerous.
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Soil Technologies Corp. announces the release of TurfTech Bio-Min, a re-mineralizer and bionoculant for golf course turf. The patented technology combines three agronomic tools in one formula. The product reduces fertilizer requirements, suppresses common turfgrass pathogens and improves water infiltration. One contribution of TurfTech Bio-Min is the addition of a micronized volcanic rock powder that delivers over 60 trace elements not found in conventional N-P-K fertilizer. When applied to soil and plants, TurfTech Bio-Min strengthens the cell wall and activates enzyme activity. The result is turfgrass that resists damage by diseases, mowing, frost and drought.
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The Harley 740 Mobile Screener clears the soil of stones, roots and other debris to create perfectly screened topsoil for seedbeds, ballfields or infield mixes. The 4-foot screener is a tractor-powered unit that is compact and maneuverable. It is self-loading and cleans the soil by sifting it through the screens while sending stones, roots, trash and other debris into a ½ cubic yard hydraulically controlled, ground-dump hopper. The Harley screening method offers five different screen options with hole sizes from ⅜-, ½- ⅝-, ¾- to 1-inch.
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The Dixon PRO Series Kodiak ZTR riding mower comes equipped with a choice of Honda 20-hp, Kawasaki 19-hp, Kohler 20-hp or Briggs & Stratton 21-hp Vanguard engines with large capacity canister air filters. The unit features one-gallon hydraulic drive system featuring Parker pumps and wheel motors. The mower is engineered with Dixon's EnviroSystem, which emphasizes operator ergonomics and comfort with quiet operation, low vibration and a smooth ride. It also features 50-inch welded Tunnel Force deck with ¼-inch-thick Fusion high-lift blades, tungsten-carbide treated to stay sharper up to 200 percent longer.
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