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Spotlight Specialty Herbicide, Dow AgroSciences LLC, Indianapolis, Ind.

Spotlight specialty herbicide is a powerful yet selective postemergence herbicide. It works fast – activity is usually visible within 48 hours – offering improved clover control along with control of other hard-to-control weeds. Its advanced chemistry creates a non-volatile ester formulation that’s labeled for use on warm- and cool-season grasses, so you can apply it year-round on established turf, including residential lawns, golf courses, parks, sports fields, sod farms and more. The active ingredient in Spotlight, fluroxypyr, is a systemic herbicide that translocates quickly to disrupt water intake. Spotlight, a liquid, works well with all primary broadleaf herbicides, so it can be used in every tank mix.

The discovery of fluroxypyr, the active ingredient in Spotlight specialty herbicide, was the result of an active research and development program. The technical support and documentation work done by people in technology development, regulatory labs, marketing and supply are responsible for registering and bringing such an innovative herbicide to market.

The non-volatile ester formulation of Spotlight allows it to be absorbed quickly and in larger amounts than in other types of formulations. Many other postemergence products are formulated as acids or amines and aren’t as rapidly absorbed by the foliage of growing plants. In addition to its consistent broad-spectrum efficacy and tank mix compatibility, this liquid is easier to measure offers fast visual effects.

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