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French drains and pollen allergies
Grounds Maintenance, Mark Welterlen
This Finding Answers discusses how to deal with clogged French drains and how to lessen the impact of pollen problems for those with allergies.

Clogged French Drains
Grounds Maintenance, Mark Welterlen
A reader asks if there is a way to eliminate sand and mulch that has worked its way into his French drain.

Seepage Drainage
Grounds Maintenance

Drainage Basins
Grounds Maintenance

Surface Water Drainage and Slope Basics
Grounds Maintenance

Installing french drain and french drain installation
Grounds Maintenance, By Eric Liskey, editor
This page tells how to install a French drain.

Grounds Irrigation Systems | Hydration and irrigation systems for your commercial and residential grounds & landscapes
Grounds Maintenance
A collection of irrigation systems resources, from troubleshooting your irrigation system, to how to winterize your irrigation system.

How to install drainage
Grounds Maintenance, Gary S. Kaye
A variety of drainage products and techniques are available to grounds managers and superintendents, including newer technologies that are receiving some recognition lately. However, the essential concepts involved in drainage have not changed much. This article is a guide to the basics of drainage installation. It will help you complete your drainage project efficiently and professionally and will

Drainage Basins
Grounds Maintenance

Ground Maintenance Article Archive
Grounds Maintenance

Solving drainage problems in turf, tree and landscaping plantings
Grounds Maintenance, Chris R. Carlson, Kent State University
Solve your drainage problems in turf, tree and landscaping plantings with these tips and ideas.

Foot Fault
Grounds Maintenance, By Boyd R. Montgomery, CSFM
The ability to manage high-traffic turf while keeping in mind the implications of irrigation and drainage issues are key to successful overall turf management.

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