Balancing Act 

As if it's not nerve-racking enough managing turf that appears on national television on a weekly basis each fall, Andre Bruce has to function as a fast-change artist each weekend, switching from soccer to football in a 14-hour period....

A New Look at an Old Bentgrass 

Ask turfgrass managers what they consider to be the best attributes a turfgrass can have and immediate answers include increased density, color and texture as well as the highest possible environmental stress, disease and insect resistance....

Preparing for Winter 

Bermudagrass is the most widely used turfgrass in the southern United States for golf courses, athletic fields, parks, roadsides and private grounds....

Hydraulic Seeding 

You have probably driven down the highway or through neighborhoods and have seen that green stuff sprayed on dirt. The correct terms for it are hydromulch or hydroseed....

Mixing It Up 

With the profusion of plants available these days, a walk through the nursery or even just flipping through the stack of trade publications on your desk can make your head spin....

Making Every Drop Count 

Over the years, breathtaking panoramic desert scenery has attracted many an Easterner to situate a golf course in the Southwest. ...

Crabgrass control with pre-emergence herbicide applications 

As spring approaches, the majority of turf managers budget pre-emergence herbicide applications as the first big expense of the year for control of summer annual weeds such as crabgrass and goosegrass. The use of pre-emergence herbicides has traditionally been the basis of turf chemical programs; however, applying these materials never guarantees complete weed control. Erratic levels of control are often attributed to seasonal variations or cultural mismanagement that reduces herbicide efficacy....

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