Feeling the Heat 

Decline in turf quality for creeping bentgrass during summer is a common problem on many golf courses, especially in warm climatic regions....


The components of the disease triangle (host, pathogen and environment) set the stage for disease development. One environmental component that is commonly accepted as an important factor in the onset of disease is nitrogen fertility....

The Power of H 

The concept of adjusting soil pH has a rich history. Marcus Varro, one of the most prolific writers of Roman history, wrote in a book around 116 B.C., "They manured their fields with white chalk which they dug out of the ground."...

Nematodes Nabbed 

Like all successful superintendents, Mike Combs understands the interrelation of production variables and their combined effect on turf quality....

Alternative Treatments for Turf Disease 

Fungicides are a critical tool for controlling fungus-incited diseases on amenity turf, as well as in commercial and residential plantings of selected herbaceous plants, shrubs and small trees....

How To: Use Cultural Practices to Prevent Disease 

Turfgrass diseases are tough to control. Fungicides can be expensive and, in some cases, you can't entirely control the disease unless some other cultural practice alters the environment....

Earthworms: Beneficials or Pests? 

Earthworms are found in a wide range of habitats throughout the world, having adapted to many different soil types as well as to lakes and streams....

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