Room To Breathe 

A tough place to be on a hot, humid day is a golf course. It is even tougher if you are the turfgrass. Add in restricted air movement and low exposure to sunlight, and you have a recipe for problems....


There are more than 9,000 known grass species that grow on the earth, and many that have yet to be discovered. There are more grass species on earth than any other species of plant....

Successful Sodding 

For a society that demands instant gratification, sod is to turfgrass what a DSL line is to your computer: finished visual images come real fast....

Path to Conversion 

Several products and methods have been developed to control Poa annua over the years. These include many different herbicide chemistries and the use of plant growth regulators to control seed head production or limit Poa annua growth....

Cutting Up 

There is a missing link in many lawn care programs an underutilized cultural practice that boosts turf health and, potentially, your bottom line. Vertical mowing is a healthy habit and a beneficial component of an annual turf care routine....

Spoon Feeding 

One of the most challenging aspects of golf course management is putting green culture. Successfully maintaining turfgrasses at or 5/32 inch mowing height is highly dependent on your commitment to sound agronomic practices....

Left Behind 

To leave or not to leave clippings, that is the question. Certainly, leaving clippings is better from an agronomic and environmental perspective. Nutrients...

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